Diablo IIIEdit

File:D3 Classes.jpg

Diablo III has five different classes like its predecessor. All five classes can be played as male or female characters.

  • Barbarian - Brute force makes a successful return, the Barbarian devastates foes with mighty power, man and woman alike.
  • Witch Doctor - Deemed the successor of the Necromancer. The Witch Doctor uses death, disease, curses and undead minions to swarm his would be opponents and drain their health and inflict impeding statuses on them.
  • Wizard - Manipulating the primal forces of the storm, arcane and even time itself, the Wizard is not afraid to destroy all in the path to victory. Successor of the Sorceress and Sorcerer.
  • Monk - A religious warrior of the light, they are masters of the martial arts and speed.
  • Demon Hunter - Can equip crossbows and launch explosives with a focus mainly on ranged combat.

Diablo III: Reaper of SoulsEdit


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls adds a new class called the Crusader.

  • Crusader - A middle-ranged melee class with a combat style centered around shields, flails, and spells.